Thursday, April 3, 2014

Is there a relationship between numerology and astrology ?

Course. When we mention the music of the spheres , we mean that each planet vibrates with a number. That explains each sign by planetary ruler vibrates .

9 vibrates with Mars, ruler of Aries and Scorpio.
8 vibrates with Saturn , ruler of Capricorn .
7 vibrates with Neptune , ruler of Pisces .
6 vibrates with Venus, ruler of Taurus and Libra.
5 vibrates with Mercury, ruler of Virgo and Gemini.
4 vibrates with Uranus , ruler of Aquarius .
3 vibrates with Jupiter , ruler of Sagittarius .
2 vibrates to the Moon, ruler of Cancer .
1 vibrates with the Sun , ruler of Leo.
0 vibrates with Pluto , ruler of Scorpio .

Are there issues of the negative influence ?
No positive or negative numbers. All influences depend on when you use them. For example , the number 4 vibrates with stability , stillness , the projection into the future. You can say that is negative if the situation requires action, but if there is positive to stop the advance of something bad . Have a play around with the Numerology calculator here.

Is it valid to say that if our parents had chosen another name for us, change our destiny ?
Yeah .. Numerology serves primarily to take the positive aspects of our name for every occasion and depending on the image you try to give to others. For example , if we want to introduce ourselves as a fast working people , fighters , entrepreneurs , should ensure that the name you put in the personal card add 5 . This is achieved , sometimes using the second rather than the first name , or by adding an initial or a pseudonym. But ... parents always choose the right name to the experiences that our soul must travel .

Does the new vibration starts working immediately ?
Not so much . Most importantly, repetition, we must make an effort to broadcast it permanently . It is advisable to sign with the new name , print on cards, socially presented , and so on.

Al ? Rename a person also changes your karma ?
Numerology does not have the power to erase the karma. What it can do is to remove any obstacle that is unnecessary and we allow each potential is fully realized .

Is there a lucky number for each person ?
Many people associated with numerology finding a number that brings good luck, but unfortunately does not exist. However, it can be said that the number of the day of birth vibrates harmoniously in almost all situations. Therefore , it is almost always beneficial to leave the important things for the month in which one is born .

Does numerology can predict the day of death ?
In the 1830s there was a famous numerologist , who boasted of having predicted the exact date of the death of their clients and families . But the reality is that numerology is not able to achieve this. The explanation is rather that using hypnosis planted in the minds of your customers a date and time indicated . Fear took care of the rest ...

Is there a numerological compatibility between people ?
Although there is affinity between numbers, is never very accurate, because the numerical vibration should be analyzed together with the astrological personality characteristics to find the complete profile of a person .

Are there numbers that tend to be found ?
Some sources claim that people governed by numbers 4 and 8 generally seek. The caveat is that making these connections are not very beneficial because these two numbers have a heavy karmic burden . If a marriage or partnership consist of two 4 or 8 or a 4 and another 8 should avoid these issues in their daily life not to accentuate their influence. But keep in mind that not for nothing is vibrating and people are attracted to these numbers .